Madrid Cinema

This is where I fell in love. With the big screen. I think I was watching Die Hard at Cine Dore at the time. That´s when the penny dropped. You see, I´d seen it a dozen times before on the TV. And I thought it was great. But this... Was something else. This was entertainment. Visceral, edge of your seat, hilarious entertainment. Electric. A symphony of and tension of comic release. And we, the captive audience, surfing these waves together. Like some kind of blissfull hivemind, completely under the film´s spell. Standing ovation. 10/10. But to number if doesn´t really do it justice, at the end I just felt high. I had been moved so much, in so many ways, and enjoyed that movement, that level of experience. It´s art.

 Films that are great warrant multiple viewings.  Great films deserve the big screen. Not some laptop, and not even your 50 inch plasma, It will never do them justice. Films are designed for the cinema, that is their medium.

Now, I´m addicted. Every month trawling through the indpendent cinema listings  looking for another next hit, trying to convince my friends to come with me. But it doesn´t really matter, I´m still going to going, although the experience is even sweeter shared.

So I´m out here being a geek anyway, I might as well share the love (and information). 

Have you ever seen a truly classic film at the cinema? They


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