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5 great films this November in Madrid #lebowski #robinwilliams #galicia #skorea #danieljohnston

November has landed my friends, what is it they used to say? Oh yeah.. "winter is coming". Anyway, the point is this: it will get cold and we will need to find some indoor activities. In that spirit, here is a selection of 5 great films you can see (for cheap) this November in Madrid´s independent cinemas.

Number 1: The Big Lebowski

This Cohen brothers cult classic is one of my favourite films, and Jeff Bridges as "The Dude" is nothing less than iconic. If you´ve seen it then you already know. There is nothing better than seeing a movie you love on the big screen and I can´t wait. If you haven´t seen it then check out the trailer here:

I strongly recommend getting your tickets in advance as cult films like this one often sell-out.

Tickets here:

(Thursday 28th November, 19:30) at Cine Dore - 3 euros

Number 2: Dead Poets Society

From the director of The Truman Show ( also playing this month at cine Dore on the 23rd) comes Dead Poets Society featuring Robin Williams as... an English Teacher!! I know some of you can relate to his struggle (and maybe even take a little inspiration). It´s a classic. Check the trailer out:


(Sunday 17th November, 17:30) Cine Dore - 3 euros

Number 3: Parasite

I´m not going to lie and say i've seen this or any of Bong Joon Ho´s other critically acclaimed works. But this South Korean suspense flick is being talked about as a best potential film of the year. It's a story about class and the consequences of dishonesty.



(23rd, 25th, 26th, 29th and 30th November) Sala X - 6.5 euros

Number 4: O Que Arde (Fire Will Come)

Remember those wildfires that were raging in Galicia not long ago? This galician language drama is set during that time. It won´t be a light hearted flick, but if you're into mesmerizing visuals and emotionally affecting drama then this could be for you. And anyway, isn't it about time you saw a Spanish (or Gallego at least) film? This film is playing at Sala X and also at Circulo De Bellas Artes.


Tickets: (5th, 6th, 8th November Sala X 6.5 euros) or (7th, 8th November Circulo Bellas Artes 5.5 euros)

Number 5: The Devil and Daniel Johnston

The only documentary on this list is a great one. Even if you´re not familiar with cult singer-songwriter Daniel Johnston (who died this year and whose fans included Kurt Cobain among others) this story is about much more than his excellent music. Engrossing and heartbreaking, it´s definitely worth your time. Get your tickets in advance as there is only one showing.

(Thursday 23rd November, 22:30 Sala X)



And that´s all folks. Thank you for reading, and if you found this post useful then please share it or give me some feedback. I hope that you see something truly memorable this month!


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