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December screenings of classic films in Madrid

"I don't want a lot for Christmas... But I sure wouldn't mind seeing some classic films on the big screen!"

If this is you, then read on because this month really does promise some cinematic crackers. Anglophones you need not worry, the following films are in original English language versions.

For fans of adventure who fancy rolling back the years, Cine Dore is screening the original Indiana Jones movies on three consecutive Sunday afternoons (14th, 21st and 28th), they are also showing Donnie Dark (2001) on the 19th and if you ́re still around by the 29th you can see the Blade Runner (1982) “final cut” on the 29th. Tickets are €3, but you will definitely need to book them in advance

Aficionados of Stanley Kubrick (and cinephiles in general), you might be pleased to know that in honour of film ́s 20th anniversary, Eyes Wide Shut (1999)  featuring Tom Cruise alongside Nicole Kidman, will be showing on various dates at the Cineteca and also at Cine Dore (on the 28th).  If there's one director who warrants the big screen treatment,  it ́s Kubrick. Take in the work of this master as he intended for it to be experienced. Tickets are a steal at €3.5. Book in advance.

As well as being festive season, December is also Tom Waits season at the Cineteca! You can see a number of films featuring this iconic vagabond from esteemed directors like Francis Ford Coppola, and Jim Jarmusch. For more information about the selection

  At Sala Equis you can catch up on some of 2019 ́s best films that may have passed you by; they include Joker, Parasite (the only foriegn language film on the list it will have spanish subtitles, but is worth the trouble as it really is exceptional) and the excellent documentary about Aretha Franklin, Amazing Grace, among others. Tickets are €6.5, follow for the full program.

So remember: If it's cold outside, there ́s one place you really can stay - the cinema.


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