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Alternative nightlight: November in Madrid´s unique indie cinemas.

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

November has arrived. As we kiss goodbye to the long warm evenings spent on Madrids terrazas, we search for new evening activies (preferably indoors). It´s the perfect time to discover Madrid´s independent movie theatres: cheaper than the multiplexes, they also have better variety of films and a whole lot more character.

With a beautiful art-deco facade (dated to 1923) Cine Dore, in Anton Martin, is an emblem of Madrid ́s cinema scene, beloved to cinephiles for its low prices (3 euros a ticket) and wide range of films.

This month you can catch the Oscar-winning drama Dead Poets Society (1989) starring Robin Willimas as inspirational, unconventional teacher (showing on the 17th), nineties classic The Truman Show (1998) with Jim Carey (on the 23rd) and Cohen Brothers cult hit ´The Big Lebowski ́ (1998) starring the iconic Jeff Bridges as “The Dude” (on the 28th). All films are shown in the original English version.

Tickets and program here:

One metro stop East, Sala X (Tirso de Molina) offers a more modern alternative. Currently celebrating its second anniversary it has become a popular place to meet for a drink thanks to a hip neon-lit interior terrace bar - the perfect place to relax before a show. They usually select highly-rated recent releases (from the last year or two), occasional classic films as well as hosting film festivals. This month I recommend the south-korean dark comedy Parasite (2019) - 99% rated by Rotten Tomatoes, the award-winning documentary about a troubled musician The Devil and Daniel Johnston (2005) (showing once on the 14th) and post-apocalyptic sci-fi drama The Light of My Life (2019) starring Casey Affleck.

Tickets are 6.5 euros and available, with complete program, at

Martin Scorcese returns this month with a new gangster saga The Irishman (2019). It features Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci and Al Pacino and is a hit with critics (Rotten Tomatoes rate it at 97% fresh). It´s showing from the 15th at Cines Verdi in Chamberi, along with many other new releases in original English versions. Tickets cost 8 Euros on a weekday or 4.90 on Mondays available at:

As any anglophone knows: films are not the same when they are dubbed in another language. Your favourite actor with an overdramatic Spanish voice is... just wrong. Two other locations where you can see films in original version are Cine Ideal (near Sol) and the 2 Cine Renoir locations (Plaza de España and Retiro). They both have "day of the viewer" on Wednesday when tickets cost less (6.5 euros at Ideal and 4.9 euros at Renoir). So, use the cold weather this month as an opportunity to explore another great aspect of Madrid - the independent cinemas.


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