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On the hipster screen this weekend: #riverphoenix #jacknicholson #lgbtiq+

Updated: Oct 31, 2019

The Phoenix brothers, Joaquin and River

First, Cine Dore(Anton Martin), where tickets are only 3 euros! ( )

Saturday 22:00

River (deceased child star-turned indie movie hearthrob/big brother of Joaquin) Phoenix and Harrison Ford star in The Mosquito Coast(1986). Directed by Australian new-wave (new to me too) pioneer Peter Weir and described in Cine Dore´s program notes as having many flaws (despite being "powerful"). Note: appearing aged 16 River is still in child star phase. Rotten Tomatoes 76%

Sunday 17.30

Master and Commander: Far Side of the World (2003). Russel Crow stars as a heroic and beloved ship captain in film set during the Napeleonic wars. Also directed by Peter Weir.

Rotten Tomatoes 86%

Sunday 19:30

Jack Nicholson stars (excellently) in Chinatown(1974), the film which cemented his status as a genune movie star. It´s a certified #classic, known to film students the world over, and worth a watch if you like a good mystery and aren´t put off by the fact Roman Polanski directed. Rotten Tomatoes gives it 99%!!

Thats more or less it for Cine Dore. Their other movies are all much older and more obscure. So we move on to the younger and sexier (it used to be an "adult venue") neighbour Sala X.

Sala X (Tirso de Molina tickets 6.5 euros) have 3 films showing this weekend:

McQueen (2018) a 99%!! Rotten Tomato-rated documentary about fashion designer Alexander Mcqueen. Friday 19.30 Saturday 22:00, Sunday 19:00

Chappaquiddick (2017) 88%RT, a political, suspense drama following a weekend island party held by Senator Ted Kennedy (yes, that Kennedy family), in which he got into a car accident which killed a girl and the ensuing cover-up. Friday 22:00, Saturday 19:30, Sunday 16:30

They also feature the Mary Shelley biopic (2018) (39% Rotten Tomatoes) It´s supposed to be a bit crap. But you never know, those critics might all be wrong..

But that´s certainly not all...! The 24th International LBTIQ+ cinema festival is ongoing at the Cineteca (Matadero, tickets 3.5 euros) this weekend with a packed schedule Friday - Sunday. Featuring LBTIQ+ films and documentaries from all over the world, it is well worth a punt. Check it out for yourselves:


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